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Branding Company in Chandigarh

Branding company in Chandigarh provides something beyond a visual appeal. Good branding increases the value of a company. It provided employees with direction and motivation. It makes acquisition of new customers quite easy. A brand may be said to be the sum of people’s perception of a company’s customer service, reputation, advertisement and Logo.

Improves recognition
Creates trust
Supports advertisement
Improves financial value
Inspires employees
Generates new customers

If you are fed up of looking around for a branding company in Chandigarh that thinks out of the box, does not copy paste and at the same time, the charges remain affordable, then you are at the right place.We are an ISO Certified company having expertise in branding since 7 years.

At Antraajaal we create remarkable, trend changing brand and retail experiences for those who dare to be different.

Our core branding services include graphic designing, strategy, branding and research. We are an experienced bunch with varied backgrounds that together take your brand to the next level. We are an ISO Certified company having expertise in branding since 18 years.

professional logo designer in chandigarh

A few steps help us achieve more and make us stand apart from the crowded world of branding company in Chandigarh.

With our 18 years of work experience, we can make out that most challenging projects come from clients who have great aspirations for their brand. It might be difficult for the client to cut through the crowd and push through boundaries and hence we are there to support, encourage and light the way to create benchmarks.

Our clients have always invested in us to do things that raise their brand to a new level thus increasing sales, creating awareness and generating recognition. We create brands in the physical worlds that go viral in the digital world. No challenge is too great!

AntraaJaal is a branding company in Chandigarh helping businesses to bring strategy to life by creating visual identity and appeal.

As a branding company in Chandigarh, we work as your strategic partner and help you grow and create a valuable brand. We cover brand evaluation, brand strategy, brand identity, brand planning, brand implementation and brand management. With experience we have learnt that these activities contribute to building a powerful brand that engages with employees, customers and partners, adding value to your business.


Antraajaal help you to understand the perception of your business. We take both internal and external audience in to account. We make sure that all are on the same page. Then we find the things that need a change.

Brand strategy

Also We align the business goals with the brand strategy. Once the strategy is clear, we have a clear objective. With good branding company in Chandigarh, you can stand apart from the crowd.

Brand identity

We bring the above strategy to life with a unique look and feel across your communications, physical spaces and brand experiences.

Brand planning

Help you to plan internal and external communications that will inform, engage and inspire the key audiences. We integrate different channels.

Brand activation

As well as we launch or relaunch the brand and make sure you leave an impact that lasts forever Branding company Chandigarh helps to add value to your business.

Brand Design

This is where the magic happens. Our talented and multidisciplinary team put their heads together and creates the unexpected.

Brand management​

Brand Management help you put in place the process that will support the brand long term and add value to the business. This helps the business to stand out, establish leadership, communicate, explain, attract, help sell and attract investment.
If you are considering creating a new brand or reinventing an existing brand then contact us today for 1:1 consultation.

Being an ISO Certified company, we adhere to strict quality norms. AntraaJaal ensures complete satisfaction when it comes to branding.

Branding company in Chandigarh offers custom branding services and helps in creating a unique name and image for your company to establish your differentiated position among your competitors. Get recognized in crowd by unique Logo Designing, Catalogue Designing, Brochure Designing,


This identity provides authenticity and means of reliability for the customer. People tend to rely more on companies that have registered logo and a strong brand identity. Highly recommended branding company in Chandigarh might be a solution to effective branding.

Our creative team of graphic designers helps in Custom branding including Company Logo designing, Company Profile designing, visually appealing Facebook posts and designing of Brochures, Fliers, and Advertisements for newspapers and magazines. We are well known for our creativity and exclusive designing. We also have an expert team of writers so that the content is also up to mark.

Professionals at AntraaJaal offer Brand Building that begins with naming your brand, company logo designing, Color Identity, Brochures, Hoarding, Advertisement Material and even stationary. Brand creation begins with Naming your Brand. The process starts with identifying your goal and the purpose behind the whole idea. It shows your strengths and the whole purpose of your existence. We offer best custom Branding Company in Chandigarh

For best Brand Architectural Services, we offer managing the structure of brands within an organization. Our professionals help in developing relationship between your brand and sub-brand.

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