AIDA Model is a marketing model used in the advertising and sales approach of products and services. This marketing model is the backbone of model marketing.

AIDA model is more like a funnel that consists of four stages where all the actions that take place for a product to sell place. 

It uses as a tracking system for customer journey through Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action how they interact and engage with the brand.

Objectives Of The AIDA Model

Attention is all about creating brand awareness, if your content is attractive enough to engage the audience’s attention.

How To Use AIDA Model?

Once the audience is getting aware of your brand and start engaging with the product and services of your brand.


It is the stage where your prospects are almost close to making the final decision and if they started following you on social media.


It is also known as (Call to Action) it is the final stage in the AIDA Model after creating a desire in your prospect’s mind.


The AIDA Model is a powerful framework for understanding consumer behavior. Through its four stages Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. Marketers can guide customers through their purchase process.

Applying the AIDA model strategically marketers can improve their conversions, evaluate consumer behavior and preferences and achieve their target goals.

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