Users from every other country have different ways of life therefore to make sure each user gets relevant information.

SEO geo-targeting basically means optimizing your website to a specific area or location, So that your site appears higher in ranking in a specific targeted location.

geo targeting

Different Ways To Utilize Geo-Targeting


There may be visitors from different countries, therefore allowing language-switching options will help out the visitors from different countries.


Measuring currencies based on other countries, so that users can find out the price of any product or service in their native and other multiple currencies also.

Relevant Offers

Offering discounts to local customers can also create a good impact on customer retention.

Marketing Campaigns

It allows you to run different campaigns in different locations. So make sure the language used in campaigns is related to the country they are being published.

Visual Elements

Visual elements used in your website can create a huge impact on the conversion of users.

Geo-Target Your Page For Testing

IP Redirect

Set up simple redirects based on geolocation. Quickly configure your server to divert traffic to originating IP.

PPC Advertising

You can set your campaign targeting to very specific locations and languages, as well as set the destination URLs of your individual ads.


According to Google’s webmaster guidelines subdomains or subfolders can be used to segment specific countries or languages.

Geo-Target Content

Content-specific items and elements rely on your current traffic flow and you can run experiments without PPC overhead or international SEO strategy.

Monitoring Geo-Targeting Tests

To monitor your test you can ask people all over the globe to browse your webpage and then inform you of the results or you can use a “global geo proxy network”.


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