SEO refers to the process of organically making a website appear at the top of search results of Google or any other search engine. This is meant to happen when a user searches for certain keywords that coincide with your business’ products and services. 

Few Tasks of SEO Company in Chandigarh

Title Tag

Title Tags are an important part of any SEO campaign as they are what let search engines know about the content of your web page.

Meta Data

Meta Data is the keywords, title, description and slug for a given page. It is an important part of on page SEO. This is what tells the user and search engine what your content is about. 


The content of your web page could either make or break your search rankings on Google. This is because, Google requires the content to be completely unique as well as be relevant to your business. 

Targeted Keyword

If Google feels that your keywords are stuffed together or used improperly in sentences, it won’t rank you near the top. Out team makes sure that they follow all parameters to rank. 


It gives a search bonus when your web content has anchor tags linking to other pages on your website. This makes your website seem relevant and very useful for Google users. 

Off Page

We create backlinks that are effective. The effective creation of backlinks helps in increasing the domain authority. It helps to rank better in Google as well.  

What Makes Antraajaal More Special

Expert Team

We have a team of professionals who are expert in On page and Off page SEO. With more than 20 people who are experts. We don’t believe in quantity but quality when it comes to submissions. 

Quick Result

We assure quick results. The benefit of SEO Cannot be ignored and once quality bancklinks are made, they stay on the top for a long time. 

Quality Assurance

We have always believed in quality over quantity. Our experts do not believe in handing over a dhobi list at the end of the month.