AI And Digital Marketing

AI is artificial intelligence it is a field of computer science which basically does all the tasks according to the algorithms provided to it and the data that is available.

Nowadays everything is turning into a digital world. It has become a vast field of options with so many opportunities.

Digital payments are another update that makes it possible to easily make payments through online transaction sites and through online payment methods.

AI In Digital Marketing

AI is being used in our daily life it is a huge part of our daily life. AI is being used in our day-to-day life.


Chatbots are used on webpages to guide users through the website and provide the information that is required by the users.

Chatbot guides you with the steps to take so that your issues can be resolved and the user gets the information that it needs.


With the previous data available and the history of the purchasing orders marketers can use AI to predict the next demand.


Just like AI is used to predict that what could be the future demand and future performance of the business AI can be used to recommend to users.

Image Recognition

With the revolution in technology and AI systems, a term called image recognition also come into place.

Customer Relationship Management

AI can draw insights into the behavior of the customer with this analysis customers can be provided with personalized data.

Augmented Reality

AR technology can be used to immerse the physical and digital worlds together for a better user experience.

Fraud Detection

Using AI technology in detecting fraud during transactions can help save businesses and customers. AI can detect suspicious behavior patterns and prevent fraudulent transactions.

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