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The connection between mobile devices and hands-free voice search is growing more and more complex as it gains popularity.

The presence of brands on Kayak will therefore have a higher impact on their exposure for voice search users on the Echo than the typical Google SERP

Research on the effects of voice search and how it will impact business in the future is still in its early stages.

However, there are still a number of ways that firms may modify their current SEO strategy to include voice search consumers given the amount of data available.

When considering a new business strategy, SEO specialists always begin with keyword research.

Long-Tail Keywords

It’s usually advisable to take into account natural phrases that include long-tail keywords when writing content for voice search.

External content + Local SEO

For both text and voice search, local SEO, and in particular local link building, is essential to getting high ranks in your target market.

Marketers should regularly use voice search to pose questions that they believe will drive consumers to their websites to check what ranks top.

Adaptation To Voice Search

Brands should make sure graphics are optimized, files are compressed, response time is decreased, and the site is totally responsive

Long-tail keywords that mirror common voice search inquiries should be used to optimize content. Concentrate on spoken language.

You can target these consumers and raise your likelihood of turning up in voice search results by optimizing your website and content for voice search.

The summary responses from web pages known as “featured snippets” may be utilized at position zero.


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