A snippet word means a small piece. So, in the digital world, it means small and brief information about content that is available on a webpage.

Featured snippets are search results that appear on position zero which is on top of the first search result.

Passage indexing is a feature of the ranking system of Google. If a page has a lot of information about a specific topic in passages, then it picks the passagethat is more relevant to the searched query and displays  it.

Passage indexing only checks the relevancy of a passage that fulfills the query of the search whereas the featured snippet displays the quickest answer to the query by checking the relevancy of the whole topic on the page.

Since the featured snippet appears on top of the search results, it will help boost the visibility and awareness of your brand.

Featured snippets are mostly shown whenever a voice search takes place. SIRI or Google Assistant reads these featured snippets aloud. Users can access these websites for more information.

Do research on keywords that have a high chance of triggering featured snippets. No time should be wasted on keywords that will never trigger featured snippets.

Sometimes people look for the meaning of words or phrases. If your page contains the brief meanings of such words or phrases, then there’s a high chance of your page appearing on the featured snippet.

If your page has a good number of visits and organic traffic it will increase the chance of featured snippets.

It should not contain any information that encourages hate against any individual, ethnicity, religion, nationality, or gender, or attribute to systematic discrimination.

A rich snippets is the best way to generate more traffic to your webpage because of its appearance on top of the search results.

If your webpage contains rich-quality content, then there will be a high chance of triggering featured snippets.

If a customer gets meaningful and helpful content, it will help in growing traffic to your webpage.

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