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Reasons not to hire us



Where quantity is more important than quality

when you think that a company has 200+ team of freshers/interns and we on the other hand have 10 experts who can take up any challenge and solve it with their expertise and experience.

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When you think expensive is better

When you think that spending and spilling double the money can give results whereas on the other hand we feel that resources saved means money earned. We provide economical yet quality services.

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Where you love the likes

Where you feel that the number of likes on you Facebook page represents everything but the sales and user engagement take a backseat.


Where proposals never meet reality

When you want to hire people who show powerless and point less presentation,  which never meet the expectation afterwards. We on the other hand give results and our work speaks louder than words.

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Where you feel old is gold

If you feel than a company that is 20 years old is better then let me remind you that social media itself is not too old and you sometimes need a mix of experience and enthusiasm.

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When you want to stick to old methodology

When you don’t want to change with the changing trends of the market. We have a team of qualified people who know the market trends and can give your brand an edge.

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We are the creators and designers of evocative brands that are irresistible

We believe in the concept of seducing the subconscious and then convincing the conscious. AntraaJaal is a brand designing agency which applies the studies of neuroscience to create exceptional brands that are intuitive, beautiful and communicating.

  • Become market takers or market shakers
  • Write the next chapter for your brand
  • Blend science and art to create a unique experience
  • Unlock simplicity and realize your full potential
  • Here brands go or grow
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Our Services

A company’s journey may seem simple but it is actually a maze with thousands of twists and turns with unforeseen roadblocks. Preparation and vision should go hand in hand. We must begin with a strong strategic foundation. You must analyze your position today and where you want to reach tomorrow. All this becomes a framework for evaluating potential.

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We do corporate shoots and help you make videos for YouTube and other purposes.
Branding Company Chandigarh
We help from the stage one to create great brands or rebrand the existing ones.
Branding Company Chandigarh
We help you to climb the search engines and help you get recognized among thousands.
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We have great designers that create all that you need from a social media post to brochures.
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We create your website that is user friendly and great with great functionality.
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We create your identity that is your logo around which the whole business revolves.
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We manage all social media accounts and help you reach your target audience.
Branding Company Chandigarh
We offer quality content writing services that is plagiarism free.


  • Setting strategy
  • Planning
  • Roadmap
  • Business design
  • Digital transformation


  • Brand strategy
  • Brand positioning
  • Value analysis
  • Portfolio
  • Architecture


  • Strategy
  • Capabilities
  • Website Content Writing
  • New business models
  • Breakthrough new concept


  • Journey mapping
  • Segmentation
  • Trends
  • Brand performance
  • Social media measurement
Branding Company Chandigarh


  • Website and app
  • Packaging
  • Visual identity
  • Communication strategy
  • Environmental design
Branding Company Chandigarh


  • Engagement
  • Marketing capabilities
  • Customer centrality
  • Transformation
  • Campaigns
Branding Company Chandigarh


  • Marketing
  • Management
  • Writing
  • Communicating
  • Accelerating
Branding Company Chandigarh


  • Link structuring
  • SEO
  • Social media
  • Conversions
  • Growth
Cups of coffee
Sleepless Nights
Hours of hard work

Our Clients

Each client is special for us whether it’s a startup a Or an established industry or a case of revival. We put in our efforts to deliver the best

What Clients Say?

  • I personally have seen them working with great effort and zeal. They do the work diligently and will work as per the requirement of the customer. They will review or mould the work till the client is satisfied. Keep it up.

    Navjyot Saluja
  • Excellent work ethics . It was a pleasure to work with professionals at this company . Timely delivery of product and great ideas . Highly recommended . Keep up the good work guys.

    Pavan Madaan
  • I have been working with them from last Few years, very good Service provide and they take their work very seriously. Highly recommended.

    Rananjay Singh
    Tajus Creative CEO
  • Designing & creative work is excellent… service delivery is great … over all it was a wonderful experience working with Antrajal !

    Charu Chaturvedi
    Owner Pinkk
  • Excellent services so far that I came accross in the Tricity !

    Mohammad Bilal
    Zaferoon CEO
  • Excellent service.

    Sandeep Sheoran
    CEO Diyagas