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Brand Architecture Management

Brand Architecture Management is a fairly new term for a process that’s as old as business itself. It is a process that helps a business set its goals for the most profitable strategy. It can be used to refer to the optimization of power and finance between various sub-parts of a corporation. This is the most crucial part of a brand’s equity assessment and is sometimes also referred to as Brand Portfolio Strategy. This process leads to the creation of a strong brand identity which in turn leads to a greater reputation in the market and higher conversion rates. Therefore, the process of Brand Architecture Management is guided by the Brand’s identity and is associated with corporate culture.

To summarize, brand architecture is a framework or business process which is used to organize the sub-brands of an organization into hierarchical levels based on their relationships with the organization. This also links the brands together to allow ease of communication and asset transfer between brands.

Importance of Brand Architecture Management

Many small businesses and new corporations undermine the importance of a clear brand strategy and management in brand architecture. The expansion of businesses and their brand portfolios has caused a swivel in the process of self-managed brand architecture and brought the need to outsource the job to brand architecture management agencies. This is especially true for large scale corporations deciding to expand their assets internationally.

Components of Effective Brand Architecture Management

For generating an effective brand architecture strategy, it is important to note the fundamentals of successful brand architecture management. These are:

Brand Architecture Management


The audit is the initializing point of the brand and also serves as the foundation of the brand architecture. This stores the current state of the entire organization and leaves it up for review for all steps on the way. After the audit has been analyzed, the team can begin deciding a strategy for the brand architecture management which can then be implemented to modify the audit itself.

Brand Portfolio

Evaluating the brand portfolio is an essential step in brand architecture management. This lets business owners understand the current positions of their consumers and lets them decide which brand in their organization needs to get the most power at hand. This depends on the brand that has the most satisfied consumers and the highest profits. Once this is decided, they can strategize the integration of other brands into this one.

Brand Architecture Management Company in Chandigarh
Best Brand Architecture Management Company in Chandigarh

Framework Decisions

The framework decisions of the business architecture plan help develop a structure which can be uniformly followed to ensure successful implementation of the brand architecture strategy. This framework should be able to establish new brand relationships without eliminating existing ones. The key elements of this are used to that the hierarchy of brands stays consistent and profitable for the organization. The interests of consumers hold great value in this step.


Naming a brand is one of the key features of implementing a new brand architecture. This can sometimes be conducted alongside the generation of frameworks unless the framework does not include guidelines on naming brands. These also act as a structured set of rules to be used whenever a new product is to be named. These assist the organization when endorsing some power brand or while collaborating with other brands in naming new products.

When implemented properly, these factors serve as a strong base for a brand architecture strategy.

Best Brand Architecture Management Company

The Best Brand Architecture Management Company in Chandigarh

When it comes to Brand Architecture Management, Antraajaal is an expert. We understand the unique brand architecture strategies used by large scale corporations and help manage the perfect flow of power and equities. Our role is to help our clients experience an ideal relationship between their business and its sub-brands. Our team of experts has experience in managing organizations with diverse portfolios and brand identities. This is what makes Antraajaal the right choice for any business looking to evaluate brand portfolios and establish an effective brand architecture. We also offer custom branding services and help establish brand naming guidelines. We have a record of both national and international clients who have been satisfied with our brand architecture strategies. We aim to provide our clients with the best.

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