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Packaging Design Company in Chandigarh

The viability of packaging design company in chandigarh is grounded in similar standards of realistic planning. Envision that you’re setting off to a general store and running over two different and new brands. What would make you pick it up?  It could be the package design of them that affected your choice. This interest in the design is the thing that we consider while making packages. It would attract in the consumer and influence them to surmise that this specific item isn’t only not the same as the rest, yet in better to them.

Things that Matter in Packaging Design

A Best Packaging Design Company in Chandigarh organization needs to think about numerous highlights when planning a package. Even your product is of excellent quality, poor packaging will spoil its offering potentials. Read on to find out the important factor to be cared for while you get your packages designed.
A powerful packaging design ought to line up with its brand image.

Colors | Layout |  Quality of the packaging |  Content on the package |  Inspires employees

What Matters Most in Packaging Design

A good packaging design emerges after the agency’s carefully studying the characteristics of the product and the marketplace. Diverse products require to separate design components; for example, packaging design components for grains fabricating brand will be particular from a beverage brand. There are many more highlights that demand careful attention to packaging design and they include:

Material quality |  Brands identity |  Product category | Simplicity

Looking for a professional packaging design company in Chandigarh? Antraajaal can make your packages special.

Packaging Design for Food

Food packaging has a lot to do with desire. The colors should be chosen carefully as they are a critical element of food packaging. Our expert team can guide you through.

Pharmaceutical Packaging

In today’s world, even the medicines need to be in a consumer friendly packaging. We assure the best packaging in India for all your products. We assure best Solutions.

Cosmetic Packaging

The appearance of such products is more clinical, clean and almost like a doctor’s prescription. The communication is focused and promises to solve a problem.

Cold Beverages Packaging

We are a leader in designing packaging material for cold beverages in liquid or powder form. The packaging should be unique and should have a strong brand connect.

Beverages Packaging

Tea and coffee lounge’s has seen a great rise. With a lot of tea and coffee brands coming up in India, we are leaders for indoor branding, brochure, and menu designing.

Alcohol Packaging

We help you to create A-Class packaging for your bottles. The packaging itself says a lot about the product. Your marketing cost is reduced if the packaging is attractive.

Sweets and Gift Packaging

From mithai, dry fruits, chocolates and juices, we can personalize it all in your name. the more it will attract customers and sell! Packaging should be so pretty, vibrant and appealing that customers should remember the brand for its packaging! Your gift is a reflection of your personality. This also includes packaging designs for jewelry, gifts, dairy, etc.

Change of Packaging

We at Antraajaal call it packaging rejuvenation. The question here is – how much to add to the old? Our answer is depending on the stage growth, Plateau or declining. Sometimes an established brand may lose its customers due to change in packaging and sometimes a lost brand may revive due to a simple change in packaging

For all packaging solutions contact Antraajaal as AntraaJaal is the Best Packaging Design Company in Chandigarh. 

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