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PPC Services in Chandigarh

PPC Service in ChandigarhPay-Per-Click or PPC service are the most popular form of online advertising and are now called Google Ads. This form of digital marketing is used on a variety of platforms such as YouTube, Google Display, and Search Network. This method is the most advertiser oriented of all since the advertiser only has to pay for the number of clicks generated instead of the number of people who see the ad. This is greatly helpful since most other forms of marketing make a hole in the wallets of small businessmen without providing any legitimate returns on it. All the people who have seen an advertisement may not have followed up with it.

Qualities of an Effective Ad Campaign

In order to make sure that you get maximum returns from your ad campaigns, you can look at the qualities of the best ad campaigns and have them emulated. These are:

Appeal to the Target

Your target audience is exactly what will translate into paying customers. This is why your advertisement campaign must focus on them. Before the campaigns start, it must be ensured that the team has all the required information about the demographic. This can then be utilized to create an appeal for them.

Drawing Attention

Drawing attention is something all good ad campaigns must excel at. You need to be able to capture your audience in a state of curiosity about your products and services. A well-trained team of marketing specialists will be able to handle this with ease when provided with the info about your business.

Communicates Value

Your ad campaign should be able to convey the value of your products in services. This is important since most consumers do not seek products anymore. They seek things that will actually make their life better. This should be the focus of your message to your audience.


Your ad should be able to convey all the necessary information about your product. This means that your client should not need to look for information about your product on an external website. You can ensure this by conveying every important detail of your product to your digital marketers.


Sometimes your ad can be used to convey to your client why your brand is better than your competition. You must choose subtle ways of doing so. The marketing team should be able to manage this and be able to arrange the perfect wordplay for a competition-crushing ad.

When your advertisement meets the above criteria, you can rest assured that your PPC Campaign will be successful.

The Best PPC Service in Chandigarh

Antraajaal has the perfect team to ensure that any PPC service ends up successful. We only hire the best, and our marketers have years of experience in managing Google Ad campaigns to drive clients to the next level of success. We also have a team of expert content writers and SEO analysts who ensure that your ad gets the maximum attention.

We believe that PPC Service is the complete solution for providing our clients with an advertising campaign that gives them maximum returns on their investment. This is the reason all our clients get complete satisfaction from our ad campaigns. Moreover, at Antraajaal, we have recently expanded our horizons and have started offering our services to both international and national clients. This means that no matter where you are on the globe, you can get the benefit of our quality ad campaigns.

The Antraajaal Advantage/ PPC Service

Antraajaal believes in giving our clients the best. This is what separates us from other digital marketing companies. Here are some benefits you receive when you choose to run your PPC campaign via Antraajaal:

Traffic Utilization

We have a team of professionals who help in analyzing the website traffic details. This helps us figure out a ton of information about your audience – such as their demographic and location, likes, dislikes, shopping history, etc. This information can then be used to tailor the ad campaign towards them specifically.

Optimized Ads

We know that there is no use of advertising if no one even sees your ads. This is why we ensure that your ads get maximum coverage. Our SEO specialist team is always there to ensure that your ads are SEO optimized and appear on top of other ads.


We also have a team of experienced graphic designers who know what it takes to catch an audiences’ attention. They use a blend of beautiful visuals and intriguing text to accomplish this. This is why you can be sure that your ad campaign will get all the attention it deserves.

Social Media Oriented

To ensure maximum coverage for your ads, we don’t just stick to one platform. In fact, we also post your ads on social media to ensure that your audience sees them more often. These ads are made similar to social media posts to make it more convenient for your audience to access them. So, for best PPC service you should choose Antraajaal.

Brand Building

Our ads are meant to do a lot more for you than just bring in more customers. We believe in maintaining the brand image of our clients via their ads. This ensures that each time a customer would want to buy something similar to your products, they would think of your brand. So, for best PPC service you should choose Antraajaal.

Genuine Traffic

Our traffic analysis team analyses your traffic incurred via ad clicks and ensures that you only get charged for genuine and variable clicks to your website. This gives our clients their peace of mind in the fact that they will only be charged for legible clicks to their websites. So, for best PPC service you should choose Antraajaal.

Frequently Asked Questions

PPC services involve managing paid advertising campaigns on search engines (like Google Ads) and other platforms where advertisers pay a fee each time their ad is clicked. These services aim to drive traffic to websites and generate leads or sales.

PPC services offer several advantages:

  • Instant visibility: Ads appear on search engines and relevant sites upon campaign launch.
  • Targeted audience: Ads are tailored by keywords, demographics, location, etc.
  • Budget control: Set and adjust daily or campaign budgets.
  • Measurable results: Detailed analytics reveal ad performance and ROI.

Yes, PPC services can complement and integrate with other digital marketing strategies such as SEO, content marketing, social media marketing and email marketing. A cohesive strategy can enhance overall marketing effectiveness and ROI.

Yes, PPC services can be tailored to suit businesses of all sizes, including small businesses. With careful planning and management, small businesses can benefit from targeted advertising that fits within their budget and delivers measurable results.

Success in PPC campaigns is typically measured by:

  • Click-Through Rate (CTR): Measures the percentage of users clicking on an ad.
  • Conversion Rate: Tracks the percentage of users completing desired actions like form submissions or purchases.
  • Return on Ad Spend (ROAS): Evaluates revenue generated relative to ad expenditure.
  • Cost Per Acquisition (CPA): Calculates the expense per conversion.
  • Quality Score: Google Ads metric assessing ad and landing page relevance.
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