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Media Buying Services

Media Buying at a Glance

Media Buying Services – Media Buying refers to a process of strategic bulk purchases of ad spaces across various platforms at the lowest prices possible. This is done to find the most beneficial position for your business advertisements to get them maximum coverage. Unlike organic promotion methods, this is a paid media and lets you occupy popular media spaces with your own advertisements. The goal of an effective media buying strategy is to find an ad space which will deliver the ads to the target audience at the right time. This is meant to boost an organization’s conversion rates and help them increase sales as well. Unlike PPC ads, media ads are contracted with time-based limits. This means that you pay for the ad space for a particular duration only. In this case, you have to pay for the ad space for that duration, irrespective of the number of people who see your ad.

Effective Media Buying Strategies


The pre-launch decisions of media buying are the most important ones and also the ones that take up the most time. These require an intensive research session of both the targeted audience, as well as the ad space. The primary focus of this is to find an ad space with the highest hits by the target audience.

Competition Research

The next step is to research the desired ad space for the amount of competition it holds for your brand. This may not come directly from your competitors, but rather from the other occupants of the ad space. This holds true especially in the case of televisions where multiple ads are shown in a short duration.


The budget of your business for advertising makes a big difference on the ad space you select. Most media ad spaces are expensive and could cost a fortune for small businesses. While getting the right ad space is important, it is also important to get one which won’t make a dent in your finances.


The launch is the most tense stage of the entire process as everything must be perfect in order for the ad campaign to work. It must be ensured that the ad appears in the correct ad space at the right time. Also, the ad must be designed to ensure that the consumers get all the relevant information about the product.


The analytics of a media campaign make a huge impact on whether the ad campaign is successful or some changes are required. If your target demographic does not show an interest, then you may need to change up the content of your ad and make it more appealing.


Once all the data has been analyzed – whether successful or not, it will help in drawing insights. This will help you determine what satisfied the customers and what can be improved for even better analytics.

Once all of the above have been properly carried out, your ad campaign can be considered effective.

The Best Media Buying Company in Chandigarh

Antraajaal is well known among clients for our excellent media buying services. We have expert marketers and advertisers who design the best ad campaigns on popular media sources. Our services include:


TV ads are the most economical form of media buying and are an effective method of promoting your brand. Our experts analyze various ad spaces on your demographic’s TV and strategize the perfect slot for your ad to play and get maximum viewership. Our services cater to both national as well as regional channels and we keep your budget in mind before strategizing.


The most widespread and effective media platform is good old radio. When you choose Antraajaal for your radio ad campaign, you can rest assured that while our experts conduct all the research. Our services include all Indian radio stations and we choose the right one based on your target audience and your budget. We also cater to long term radio contracts.

Print Media

Even though various media sources have come and gone, print has always held up its value. Our experts analyze the perfect marketing strategies for your print media ads, and help ensure that your ad campaign gets the highest possible viewership. We are affiliated with various leading newspapers in India such as the Times of India, Hindustan Times, and Dainik Jagran.

Whenever you need media buying assistance, feel free to get in touch with Antraajaal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Media buying is the strategic process of purchasing advertising space and time across various media channels such as television, radio, print, digital and outdoor. It is crucial for advertising campaigns as it helps businesses reach their target audience effectively and maximize the impact of their marketing efforts.

Media buying entails securing ad space for a set duration, independent of views, while PPC (Pay-Per-Click) ads bill based on the clicks received. Media buying emphasizes strategic placement and maximizing exposure through negotiated rates and time-bound agreements.

We offer ongoing support through campaign monitoring, performance analysis and optimization recommendations. Our goal is to refine your media strategy using real-time data insights and feedback to boost campaign effectiveness.

Yes, we specialize in multi-channel media buying to maximize campaign reach and effectiveness. We seamlessly integrate TV, radio, print and digital platforms for cohesive brand messaging and targeted audience optimization.

We offer detailed ROI analysis, tracking campaign performance against set metrics and benchmarks. Our insights help you assess the impact of your media buying investment and inform decisions for future campaigns.

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