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The visual appeal that makes all the difference

If we talk of the global conglomerates of the next decade, SMEs of India (and China) will top the list. Entrepreneurs have shown growth significantly in India. Nowadays not only members business families become entrepreneurs. It was a previous trend where Punjabis, Gujaratis, and Marwaris were famous for their business sense. AntraaJaal is a branding company for SMEs and Start-ups.

But this is the 21st century and the times have changed. Everybody wants to be one’s own boss and that’s the reason people are inclined to becoming an entrepreneur.

How can branding company for SMEs and Start-ups stand out in a crowded market?

Many SMEs emerge every day. So, what differentiate the successful ones from the unsuccessful ones. For example, Google, Apple, Infosys are few successful SMEs. Initially, there was no differentiating factor but with time what separated them from their competitors is the investment they made in branding themselves.


Here is a case of Gujarat Reclaim and Rubber Products Ltd, a mid-sized firm with a global customer base. When the company was reaching 300 cr mark, second generation dynamism was brought by Harsh Gandhi in a business started by his father. The next milestone for the company is 1000 cr. And to start this new journey, he needs to reposition the company. The new branding reflected the values, culture, and vision of the organization. A larger umbrella and an identity of a conglomerate are created by the brand architecture with its constituent businesses.


The resultant intervention was presented at website, collateral and trade fairs. After the launch of a new identity, the GRP share prices saw a 52 week high at Rs 2020 on April 11, 2012. It also won the appreciation of investors who saw this as a positive move for the company. Also, one Indian and international distributor was appointed by the company in a 3 month period. Additionally, good talent from well-known organizations was recruited and since then there has seen a significant increase in inquiries at international trade fairs.

Branding Company For SMEs and Start-ups beyond logo design and packaging

Branding not only builds visual distinction but also helps in achieving business objectives. Our aim is to provide modular solutions for the brand. These solutions are to meet business goals.

Key Services

Branding by Industry

Branding by Industry

If you are looking for the best branding company then AntraaJaal is the number 1 solution for you.

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