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Article Writing company in Chandigarh Mohali Punjab

Article Writing Company – The most primary form of conveying a message to someone at a distance is Article writing company in Chandigarh. Amongst its various uses, marketing stands out when looked at from the perspective of a business owner. Writing can serve as one of the most powerful forms of marketing, and this stands true even in the digital age when people read business and brand related articles online. Even though writing is something everyone learns in primary school, not everyone has what it takes to write marketing articles. These require years of training and experience to master.

What Makes Marketing Articles Special?

Unlike most other articles, marketing articles are meant to convey the most amount of information while using the least amount of words. They should also have both perfect syntax as well as perfect semantics. These articles are meant to get consumers to swoon over products and become loyal to the business that manufactures them. This can only be done by a professional writer with years of experience. So, when you go to the best article writing company in Chandigarh Mohali/Punjab, you can be assured that you will be delivered high quality writing mixed with tested marketing strategies.

Unfortunately, not all marketing articles are the same. Some of them use flowery language that just end up confusing the consumers or have perfect grammar but break the flow so often that it becomes uninteresting. These articles don’t do much good to a business, and since people rarely read them, Google does not count them in for the SEO rankings.

Traits of a Great Article

To assume that an article with perfect grammar and flow is the perfect marketing article would be a mistake. Here are some of the traits that separate the best marketing articles from the average ones:


All great marketing articles are ever-focused on a target audience. This helps to ensure that resources aren’t wasted on people outside of this target and that the people inside the target receive the best content they can. Before you request an article writing campaign, you must make sure you know who your target audience is and discuss this with the agency.

Planned Buying Cycle

Your customers can be in several different stages of the buying cycle. This means that they could be buying for the first time, be a returning customer, a familiar customer, or a customer who is back after a break. They all need different information about your products and a great marketing article will serve information to all of them equally.

Story Based

Time has proven that marketing works best when the customer has a bond with the business. This bond is easy to form when your marketing content is delivered in a format that tells your story and how it relates to the customer. If the article is able to make the customer feel special and connected with your business, it has succeeded.

Uses Pictures

When an article uses pictures to reflect its message, it makes a deeper impact on the reader. You can request your article writing company in Chandigarh to discuss the possibility of having custom images designed by their graphics designing team. This will ensure that your images are as original as they can be. Also, they must be located appropriately in the article.


SEO is a common term these days, especially in the case of online content. If your marketing articles are SEO oriented, it helps them to be easily discovered by customers. This is because, with SEO, your website will appear in the top results of Google. This can also give a major boost to your website and your business sales and growth.

Calls to Action

When your audience finishes reading the marketing article, they may feel motivated to support your brand. Unfortunately, without a clearly mentioned call to action, most of them would just close the browser and forget about it. To avoid this, mention what you want them to do – buy a product, donate to a charity, crowdfund your business, etc.


The one thing consumers find most attractive in an article is flow. If the flow is perfect, they will read it till the end and demand more afterwards. You can use this to your advantage by making sure your marketing articles can be expanded in the future or referenced to maintain the flow and make your customers feel like a part of the team.

Knowing the traits of a great marketing article can help you to choose the right strategy when you hire the best article writing company in Mohali.

The Best Article Writing Company in Chandigarh Punjab

At Antraajaal, the best Article Writing Company, we believe that writing is not just a tool, but an art. That’s why we ensure that the writers we hire are nothing short of artists so that they deliver masterpieces to our clients. Our team has both the experience and the expertise required to ensure your audience always receives your undistorted messages. We believe that quality tops quantity every time and ensure that you get the finest quality of writing in each article. We understand the perfect blend of emotions and words required in marketing articles to maintain their quality.

Unlike most article writing companies, our main focus is not on the keywords which can lead to uninteresting content. Rather we aim to give you articles that are interesting to read, and simultaneously achieve top SEO ranks. We have different departments in writing and SEO, but they both work together to ensure that you get the best of both worlds. Moreover, at Antraajaal we don’t over-complicate our language to make sure that all of your audiences can understand the message. This is what makes us different from our competition and gives you the Antraajaal advantage.

Different Writing Dialects

Our writers have been trained to comprehend all dialects of the English language and are able to write your article based on the demographic of your target audience. Moreover, we also have international clients who always return satisfied with the articles we provide them.
We have a record of satisfied clients and the excellent write-ups we gave them to showcase our reputation as the best article writing company in Punjab. Whatever your need may be, we can give you articles based on it. Feel free to get in touch for any project.

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