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Digital Marketing for Doctors

Digital marketing for doctors and health professionals

Digital marketing for doctors is a bit complicated as it is a process of building trust. As everything is selling online, so are the doctors. Like marketing for any other services or products, marketing for medical practitioners and doctors remains no exception. Although it takes time and a different approach to build the strategy.

This post will provide an insight into the strategies that we can use to build online reputation for doctors.

Digital marketing for Doctors

Digital marketing for doctors can be done by marketing their brand or the name of the hospital or it can be done in the form of personal branding for doctors which means by the name of the doctor. 

Digital marketing can add a lot of value and can go in building trust which is the primary force for conversion. There are a few perks that come with digital marketing:


  • Reach out to patients 
  • Growth 
  • Increase your business
  • Establish a personal brand
  • Saves cost 
  • Build a community

Digital marketing for clinics

Some common questions that people ask us:

  1. Benefits of digital marketing for doctors? 
  2. What is the marketing strategy for doctors?
  3. What is the marketing strategy for clinics?
  4. How does marketing for doctors work?

Let’s get the answer from the best branding and digital marketing company in Chandigarh:

1. Increase in the number of patients 

Everybody in the world is looking for business and so are the doctors. Digital marketing for doctors gives a stable clientele and increases the number of patients many fold. 

2.Build your brand 

Digital marketing for clinics and doctors helps in building a brand by the name of the form or the doctor. 

3. Organising your work

Digital marketing for doctors helps in getting more online appointments and thus streamlining work. When the patient takes an appointment in advance the work gets organised. 

4. Builds trust

Online marketing for doctors is a series of actions that are taken to inform the patient about the services or expertise. Thus a series of steps builds trust and relationship.

5. Community building 

By sharing and reaching out to the patients or prospective patients, a community is built that has common interests.

Digital marketing strategies for doctors

There are various strategies that go into making a brand and specially when it comes to doctors. A human life is precious and the most loved thing on earth is our own life. We cannot hand over our body to an unknown person. The consumers are smart enough and now everything is just a click away. Although knowledge on google is incomplete. Google is an agent and it connects you to the person who answers your queries. So why not answer those queries and connect to your customer.

1. Website

Make a simple yet dynamic website. You can get your services, expertise, qualification and reviews in this website. There must be a blog which you can update once in a week. The blog can be in the form on Q/A, Facts, knowledge about the subject or discussions.

keyword ranking

2. Search Engine Optimisation

Get this blog and website optimised for google or other search engines. Getting a website is no more an option for doctors. Internet marketing for hospitals and doctors is need of the hour now a days. SEO can be handled without professional knowledge and you can look for a professional seo agency in chandigarh to do that.

3. Local listings for doctors

Although this is a part of the search engine optimisation for doctors, but we still felt a need to lay emphasis on local listing and directories. Few major ones are Practo and just dial. There are many apps that are searched by the patients to get the right doctor.

Local listings for doctors
Get reviews from patients

4. Get reviews from patients

Studies have proved that most of the patients study the reviews of the doctor they are visiting. Half of them have already formed an opinion by reading the latest 10 reviews. It is a need of the hour to take reviews and post on all possible platforms. Google my business page is the best place to do that.

5. Check out the net

Type your name or hospitals name on the search engine. See what pops up. Sometimes you don’t even bother to check the online reputation of your ownself. Online reputation of a doctor really matters. The patients are quite smart these day and they leave a negative feedback if the doctor is rude or with any other grievances.

6. Social media presence

Your prospective clients are everywhere on the internet. Social media platforms such as facebook, reddit, instagram, pinterest, twitter, etc. you need to identify the best platforms that work for you and start sharing the content there. You can also hire a social media marketing agency that can handle it on a daily basis.

Social media presence
Paid advertisements PPC

7. Paid advertisements PPC

The short term and with immediate results is paid marketing on digital medium. If you have a huge budget and are looking to scale up your hospital business than nothing works better than google ads for doctors. You can opt for display ads and show your ad on third party websites. The second option is search ads. We can work on the keywords and your ad can show on top of the searches. Each time a patient clicks on your ad, you have to pay a small amount to google. In turn you get a lead.

8. Email Marketing for doctors

Email marketing is the most traditional way of digital marketing. When it comes to healthcare email marketing, there needs to be a strategy. If the right set of information is sent to the right patient then it might work wonders. Once a patient visits your clinic, you can take the data. This data can be used to send relevant information like does and don’ts or Detailed information about the disease.

Email Marketing for doctors

9. Drip-marketing

There may be patients who visit your website or social media pages but do not visit you personally. You can start a remarketing campaign that shows them your ad wherever they go on the search engine. Remarketing for doctors can be a great way to remind the patient and make him visit.

By implementing these 9 digital marketing strategies for doctors/ healthcare professionals/ clinics and hospitals, you are ready to take over the world. Digital marketing for doctors require a strategy, consistency, planning and commitment. It is not a part time job but a team work that requires experts. Experts from the field of SEO for doctors, Google ads for doctors and social media marketing for doctors.

Get an agency onboard for your help

After you read this post, you will get to know the efforts required to get started with digital marketing campaigns for doctors. Antraajaal is a one stop solution for all the above requirements. Our expert team of professionals help in Google Ads for doctors. Our SEO team has a hand on training working for leading hospitals and doctors. Our content team knows their job and works in the required direction. 


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