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Radio Advertising Agency in Chandigarh

Radio Advertising Agency in Chandigarh – Chandigarh is the capital city of Punjab and Haryana, as well as a union territory in India. Radio advertising in Chandigarh is a very cost-effective way to reach out to the local community. In Chandigarh, there are eight famous radio stations that broadcast all of the important news and music in Hindi, English, and Punjabi.

Aside from that, the city has local radio stations such as Community Radio Station, All India Radio, and VividhBharati. Depending on the number of listeners, each station has its own audience power. Commercial rates on Chandigarh radio stations differ depending on their listenership. Are you looking for the best Radio advertisement services in Chandigarh? Give Antraajaal a call today.

Best radio stations in Chandigarh

Big FM | My FM | Radio Mirchi | Red FM | Radio Chitkara | Vividh Bharti

The different options that we offer from Antraajaal

  • FCT (Free Commercial Time): FCT is the most common form of advertising in which time slots for advertisements are set. The time slots are categorised as follows:
  • Prime Time: The hours of 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. in the morning and 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. in the evening are considered prime time.
  • Non-Prime Time: From 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., the afternoon is considered non-prime time.
  • RODP: RODP divides the day into similar time slots for morning, midday, and evening drives.
  • ROS: In ROS, advertising time is allotted whenever it seems appropriate during the day.
  • Alternative days: The ad can be seen on alternate days, skipping two days in the middle, or only on weekends.
  • Sponsorship Tags: By associating themselves with a radio station’s programme, sponsorship tags help to create a brand.
  • Time check: Time check aids in the creation of a positive brand picture. It is the most suitable choice for long-term advertising.
  • Roadblock: A roadblock initiative is one that runs solely on a single radio station.
  • Contests: To get the best answers from the audience, radio contests that are both creative and interesting are organised.
  • Interview: A radio interview is an interactive session in which marketers share facts and opinions about their brand, allowing listeners to shape their own opinions.
  •  The ad can be seen on alternate days, skipping two days in the middle, or only on weekends.

What is the process that we follow?

The steps to running a good Radio advertisement campaign in Chandigarh are as follows::

  • Tell us about your requirements: Share the campaign requirements with our experienced managers and executors.
  • With our support, you can plan the campaign: We’ll help you choose radio stations, the right ad style, audience reach, ad frequency, ad length, campaign duration, and time slots for a successful on-air campaign
  • Get the most relevant quotes: For radio stations all over India, we provide the best rates and services.
  • To have the audio creative made: Make the most of your brand’s imagination with our talented team and create the audio creative with us for free.

Advantages of Radio Advertisements

This kind of Radio Advertising has been able to play a vital role when it comes to understanding the scope of promotion. They can promote a particular product against the length and breadth of the country. At the same time, they can fetch more and more customers for the Product. Therefore, many different types of advantages have been associated with this to the greatest possible extent. These advantages have been summarised as follows.

Helps to promote Product

This form of Radio advertisement is very much successful in promoting the Product in the minimum possible time. This is very helpful in the long run, and at the same time, they are easily accessible from radios which stream on mobiles and conventional devices. This makes it easy to enhance the reach of the information to the different people across the length and breadth of the country to increase their knowledge about the particular Product.

Cheap and best

In addition, it is also helpful to provide for the fact that this form of advertisement is the cheapest way to promote your Product. Contact Advertisement agency for details.

Therefore, it allows every business association to gain the advantage of the motion, which otherwise cannot spend a huge amount of money for promoting the brand. Therefore, we at Antraajaal ensure that every type of business, be it small or large, is provided with ample opportunities to compete in this competitive market.

Greater accessibility

It is essential to provide that there might be any person who would not listen to the radio. Nowadays, this facility is also available on the smartphones that you can use. Nowadays; this facility is also available on the smartphones you carry. Therefore in such a situation, it becomes essential to provide for the fact that if a business wants to promote the Product across the length and breadth of the country in the cheapest and best and this is the best form of advertisement which could be used to promote the Product.

Radio Advertisement Agency in Chandigarh

It is essential to provide that Antraajaal leaves no stone unturned to serve the customers in the best possible way. It provides the facilities for comparatively a long period and at the same time ensures that the information is informative to make the customers aware about the Product. It is equally important to ensure that these changes play an important role in changing the Dynamics of the Product’s sales.

Why Choose us?

Antraajaal, an established and fast-growing advertising agency offers the best Radio Advertisements In Chandigarh. Our knowledgeable and experienced team will assist you in choosing from a variety of ad formats, time slots, number of repetitions, and campaign length to create a viable and eye-catching campaign that will help you develop your brand and reach a large number of consumers at a low cost.

We have the same number of years of experience in media buying, organising, and execution as you do, and we can deliver high-quality services at a lower cost.

Antraajaal is a talented and well-versed group of individuals who offer concentrated and to-the-point assistance to their customers, with the aim of delivering high-quality services that combine innovation and value pricing. We’ve helped tens of thousands of clients successfully promote their brands and meet their target audiences.

Antraajaal is the best place to go in Chandigarh if you’re looking for a radio advertisement campaign.

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