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Geo-Targeting – Target The Right Audience

Websites allow you to connect to various audiences all over the world. That means a person from a country can reach a website that has been published in another country. But there is a wide difference between the customers because there is a variety of people there is a difference in age, gender, and ethnicity. Users from every other country have different ways of life therefore to make sure each user gets relevant information which will lead to the possibility of conversion. It is only possible with geo-targeting. Geo-targeting responses according to the geographical location of the user which is based upon the IP address of the user. It basically means optimizing your website to a specific location to boost the visibility to the users.

SEO Geo-Targeting

SEO geo-targeting basically means optimizing your website to a specific area or location, So that your site appears higher in ranking in a specific targeted location. This helps in enhancing your keyword research to create content for targeted local audiences. People are more into personalized content and Geo-targeting is the best way to deliver more accurate and relevant content for the user.

Different Ways To Utilize Geo-Targeting

  1. Languages

There may be visitors from different countries, therefore allowing language-switching options will help out the visitors from different countries. Because it will make your site visible in their chosen language.



  1. Currency

Measuring currencies based on other countries, so that users can find out the price of any product or service in their native and other multiple currencies also.


  1. Relevant Offers

Offering discounts to local customers can also create a good impact on customer retention.

Relevant Offers

  1. Marketing Campaigns

It allows you to run different campaigns in different locations. So make sure the language used in campaigns is related to the country they are being published.

Marketing Campaigns

  1. Visual Elements

Visual elements used in your website can create a huge impact on the conversion of users. Since your website is being accessed by people from different cultures therefore one color scheme may not be good for the other culture. So make sure your targeted customers are approached with the right visuals for example holiday and cultural themes and flags.

Visual Elements


Geo-Target Your Page For Testing

  1. IP Redirect

Set up simple redirects based on geolocation. Quickly configure your server to divert traffic to originating IP. Just make sure you have a couple of landing pages to test.

2. PPC Advertising

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising platforms like Google ads or Facebook ads are a good way to test your geo-location. You can set your campaign targeting to very specific locations and languages, as well as set the destination URLs of your individual ads. It allows you to target specific locations and languages. The only requirement is a couple of sets of landing pages to test. You will be able to run quick and data-rich analyses.

3. Subfolders

According to Google’s webmaster guidelines subdomains or subfolders can be used to segment specific countries or languages. This makes it assume you have a generic TLD (Top Level Domain). But there is a downside to it that it requires a fair amount of work to set up and it can not solve the issue of language but only the country’s location. In case your services or products are available internationally you shouldn’t limit it to the geographic location.

4. Geo-Target Content

Content-specific items and elements rely on your current traffic flow and you can run experiments without PPC overhead or international SEO strategy. Below are the given options to do it.

  • Coding

Use JavaScript or PHP to perform display logic or to query a geolocation database.

  • Web services and tools

Google’s optimization supports simple Geo-targeting. Therefore it’s an easy way to start. Testing can be done based on locations like cities, regions, and countries.

5. Monitoring Geo-Targeting Tests

To monitor your test you can ask people all over the globe to browse your webpage and then inform you of the results or you can use a “global geo proxy network” What it does is it allows you to access a webpage from different global locations. A proxy network service provides many benefits for the process of geo-targeted conversion. There are several services available that allow choosing from the list of countries and cities.


Geo-targeting is simple and beneficial to websites, advertisers, and publishers. It can be a game changer and impactful for people using PPC campaigns or SEO. By using location-based technology it is possible to reach the right audience and right location. It allows you to publish relevant data for your visitors and you can optimize conversion rate also.

To perform tasks there are limitless options and it will also help your website to reach higher awareness and make more profits through conversions. Hence with Geo-targeting technologies and with the help of geo-location tools users can reach certain heights and get so many benefits from it. To gain more fruitful information, then stay updated with –

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