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How AntraaJaal helped Nine Homz achieve their target as the best choice for Real Estate in Tricity

About Nine Homz

Antraajaal and Nine Homz, a case study! Nine Homz are independently owned, expansively designed Duplex homes & 2BHK floors with unmatched elegance. Surrounded by sprawling greens, Nine Homz epitomizes comfort with a touch of luxury. Located in the heart of nature, making it naturally insulated from the city’s commotion, each home enjoys an unrivaled picturesque backdrop.

How AntraaJaal helped Nine Homz

Nine Homz is situated inside a secure gated community where you can sit back and unwind with your loved ones while basking in the glory of nature and its blessings. It is not only Tricity’s favourite project but also Antraajaal’s.


Why Antraajaal’s favourite?

As a marketer you need freedom to think creative and deliver the best and the founders of the company have given us that. It is like Antraajaal’s baby that has been nurtured with love and smart strategy.

The real challenge

Nine Homz was looking for ways in which it can make its presence felt in the Tricity real estate market. With major players upcoming in the real estate market, it was becoming difficult for Nine Homz to make a mark.

Major solutions

• Recreate the website that connects with the hearts of the people.
• Review of the people who believed in nine Homz and have purchased a home from them.
• Captivate the Social Media channels to create brand awareness.
• Also Help Nine Homz climb the steps of search engine through planned SEO strategies.
• Help then generate leads through Social Media and 3rd party ads (OLX, magic bricks, roof and floor)

Digital Strategy

#1 Audience Profile

  1. People living in and around Nine Homz
  2. Existing customer base
  3. IT Professionals in the middle class category
  4. Who people are interested in real estate
  5. people who believe in investment in real estate
  6. Have visited their website

A look-back strategy was designed in which random calls were made to check the customer’s journey.

#2 Website: A major Touch-point

To build a brand equity in the digital world, a website performs a crucial role. We displayed a form on the home page so that anyone who visits the website fills up the form and we can contact him for further discussions. An ideal website
• Tells the story in the first go
• Inspires people to buy their home
• Talks about the unique selling points
• Also has customers testimonials

Also we optimized the website and have seen a major inflow of traffic in the last months.

We keep making changes, as the time requires keeping in flow with the latest trends.

#3 Building a Blog

The blog is in the initial stage and covers latest topics related to property. The blogs form an interesting reading material for real estate investor and some topics cover general interest as well. This blog helped them with visibility on the search engine.

#4 Redefining the Social Media Journey

Nine Homz has reached a milestone of 6,389 likes on Facebook. We have also linked the blog and are sharing the articles on FB as well. This ensures a steady feed to the subscribers and also helps in SEO.

And We Will continue to invest in the growth of the likes.
Someone recently asked me: Deepika, How does paid likes help in conversions?

Well, Nine Homz is already doing a good job and we need to spread that word. People are happy with their services and they have good music reviews on their page. We need to spread the word and attract more people who might be looking for a Home.

Human Psychology: Big numbers inspire and customer review makes a difference.

#5 Lead generation

The most fruitful outcome of the whole exercise is the lead generation. Also we built audience, run campaigns and even reached our audience but where are the results? We are doing a good business of generating leads which helped them in a lot of walk in’s and finally conversions.

#6 Graphic designing

Our team of graphic designers was of great help throughout. Creating wonderful templates for flyers, FB ads, Lead generation creative, Adwords campaigns design, pole wraps and even news paper advertisement.

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