Impact of Voice Search On SEO

Impact of Voice Search On SEO

You must adapt your SEO strategy for voice search by concentrating on the verbal search patterns of your target audience as well as the phrases and keywords they employ. The majority of large companies understand the value of organic search and have effectively included SEO in their marketing plans. However, as voice search alters how we hunt for information online, new technologies are already starting to have an impact on SEO.

In fact, according to Google research, 75% of consumers claim that new speech technologies have made them use voice search on mobile devices more frequently. Although voice search still has a long way to go before it can match traditional text-based search inquiries, now is a crucial time for marketing professionals to refine their SEO approach and be on an equal footing with their rivals.

Voice Search: When And Why People Use It?

The connection between mobile devices and hands-free voice search is growing more and more complex as it gains popularity. The most significant justification given in a study on why individuals use speech was that the user’s hands or vision were not available. The desire for quicker results and difficulties typing on specific devices came in second and third, respectively, in the cited motivations.

These three reasons all support the use of mobile devices. A strong mobile correlation exists between voice search and usage. More than half of voice users say they also use voice while driving or while on the go. The other half primarily names their homes as their primary voice search locations, highlighting the significance of personal assistant devices in the voice search discussion. These assistants enable users to conduct searches without pausing what they are doing, such as finding out how long to prepare their supper.

How Users’ Search Behaviors Will Be Impacted By Voice-Activated Personal Assistants?

Personal assistants that can be operated by voice do not function like the typical SERP. They frequently merely present customers with one answer in response to their spoken inquiry; much like Google Quick Answer does for users without requiring them to click on any links. The number of search verticals that brands must take into account when optimizing for these devices has increased as a result of their collaboration with numerous different sources of information in order to pull the information they require; the devices do not just pull all pertinent information from Google or other major search engines.

For instance, Kayak and Amazon Echo have partnered to give consumers travel and accommodation information. The presence of brands on Kayak will therefore have a higher impact on their exposure for voice search users on the Echo than the typical Google SERP for those businesses interested in optimizing for hotel queries. Yelp’s importance for small businesses has increased as a result of The Echo’s use of the review site to find information on nearby establishments. We advise marketers to take into account the expanding alternative search verticals in a variety of contexts.

The amount of searches hosted by Facebook and Twitter has increased; Facebook now processes more than 2 billion searches daily. These two platforms are important places to talk about entertainment and current affairs. Anyone selling online should be aware of this shift in consumer behavior, as more product searches now start on Amazon than Google when it comes to e-commerce. We also advise marketers to think about alternate verticals that their customers may use and may become more important as a result of voice-activated personal assistant devices, such as Slide Share and travel review websites.

Impact of Voice Search On SEO

What Are The Suggestions For Maximizing Voice Search?

Research on the effects of voice search and how it will impact business in the future is still in its early stages. However, there are still a number of ways that firms may modify their current SEO strategy to include voice search consumers given the amount of data available.

  • Natural Search In Analytics

When considering a new business strategy, SEO specialists always begin with keyword research. There is currently no reliable way to identify users that arrive at a marketer’s website via voice search, however, it is speculated that Google will eventually add this functionality to Google Analytics. The greatest place to start before developing new content is to look at search traffic metrics in analytics tools for natural language search queries.

  • Long-Tail Keywords

It’s usually advisable to take into account natural phrases that include long-tail keywords when writing content for voice search. The best content should essentially explain what the question means by utilizing both precise keywords and natural phrases and sentence structures. Marketers must take into account what consumers desire and how they would express those wants verbally. In essence, what are the terms that are missing on either side of the keywords that a user would enter in a text search?

  • External content + Local SEO

For both text and voice search, local SEO, and in particular local link building, is essential to getting high ranks in your target market. Results for voice searches will also benefit from tracking traffic from external sources. Search engines employ review websites like TripAdvisor, which are immensely popular in the goods and services sector, to give pertinent search results. Businesses must keep their online listings and contact information current, use microformats or structured data to enable search engines to pull this information to display results, and remember that voice searches are most frequently done on mobile devices.

  • Use Voice Search In Research

Marketers should regularly use voice search to pose questions that they believe will drive consumers to their websites to check what ranks top, just like with conventional text-typed search. As information will be retrieved from many search engines, including Google and Bing, Apple’s Siri, and Amazon’s Alexa, this would also need the usage of numerous devices.

Adaptation To Voice Search

Here are a few suggested actions that brands can take in order to adjust in light of the numerous ways that speech technology is affecting SEO.

  • Brands should make sure graphics are optimized, files are compressed, response time is decreased, and the site is totally responsive because Google Voice gives priority to websites that load quickly.
  • Long-tail keywords that mirror common voice search inquiries should be used to optimize content. Concentrate on spoken language.
  • The summary responses from web pages known as “featured snippets” may be utilized at position zero. Include distinguishable excerpts to be featured in your material, and use H-tags and bullet points to make it simpler for Google to read.
  • More details about a brand are provided through structured data and schema markup, which also increase visitors. They support pages’ inclusion in rich snippets, which raises the likelihood that they will be the first result played back in voice searches.

Impact of Voice Search On SEO


Due to the fact that it increases a company’s exposure in voice search results and enables them to reach a larger audience, voice search optimization is crucial. Voice search is being used more frequently to discover information and make purchases as voice-activated virtual assistants become more popular. You can target these consumers and raise your likelihood of turning up in voice search results by optimizing your website and content for voice search. To gain more fruitful information, then stay updated with –

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