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Packaging designer in Chandigarh is always considered as an easy task. Here is where manufacturing houses commit a blunder. Packaging designer in Chandigarh not only packs a product but also builds a brand image. It is the prime motive of any manufacturer. Packaging is also done step by step so there are 3 stages in packaging.

  • Primary Package
  • Secondary Package
  • Shipping Package


This makes packaging designer in Chandigarh so important and that’s the reason it is the best decision to get it outsourced. We at Antraajaal, provide packaging facilities in Chandigarh to our customers according to their budget, product, and their target customers. We have a team of specialists who analyze your company’s product, what could make it more attractive so that it would leave an everlasting impact your present customers and lure your target customers. Packaging designing in Chandigarh is available at reasonable prices. At Antraajaal, we help both the firms and consumers achieve the following objectives.

  • Assists Home storage

  • Identify the brand

  • Should provide persuasive and descriptive information

  • Aid product consumption

  • Could be easily transported and protected


Packaging has not been an important tool of the product and so has recently gained popularity. There are various reasons contributing to it.

  • Self-service – In the 21st century most of the supermarket stores are self-service stores and that gives the consumers the right to choose from the same product of various brands displayed on the track. An effective packaging drives sales. It describes the product’s features, attracts attention, creates consumer confidence and makes an impactful overall impression.
  • Company and brand image – Instant recognition of the product is an outcome of packaging. Consumers get used to your packaging so they can instantly recognize your brand and product on the shelf. Even in the presence of many other brands. This makes them a loyal consumer of the brand. There are high chances that they’ll recommend our brand to other people too increasing mouth to mouth marketing.
  • Consumer affluence – nowadays, people earn well and don’t bother to pay a little more for a product if that have an attractive packaging. This is termed as rising consumer affluence. Packaging is the first thing a consumer’s faces and the product becomes secondary for them. And if the consumer is ready to shed money from their pockets for appearance, dependability, convenience and better packages. It becomes the duty of manufacturers to provide the best quality and innovative packaging to its customers.
  • Innovation opportunity –An innovative packaging can bring large benefits to manufacturers in the form of new customers and increased profits. To savor these benefits only companies are incorporating unique features and materials to make the product attractive to lure the target customers.

Best Product Packaging designer Company

We provide the best

Packaging designer in Chandigarh

Creative packing designs in Chandigarh

Food packaging designs in Chandigarh

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Unique packing in Chandigarh


This is not it and we Antraajaal, a Chandigarh based company provide many other services. Few of them are listed here:

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Marketing is the most important too of any business and we at Antraajaal help you in using your resources in most impactful marketing. Our experienced team helps our clients in e-mail marketing, PPC campaign, SEO services, Social Media Marketing, Web development and website maintenance. Our sole motive is customer satisfaction and we guide you till you don’t see visible growth in your business. You can also call us on our toll-free numbers and the Antraajaal team would love to help you in best possible way.

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Under content writing also we provide various services such as article writing, blog writing, brochure writing, press release and SEO content writing. Our team of experts remains in touch with our customers and we write according to what they want from us. We write descriptive articles and blogs which are impactful and even helpful to the end readers. Also, press releases are made at the right time with quality content so that the readers get to know about our clients in detail. We also make attractive brochures where we explain the crux in minimum words.

Branding Company in Chandigarh

The most important motive of any business is to make it a brand in the eyes of a customer. we at Antraajaal work with you to achieve that motive. We provide services for Brand building, creative designing, reputation management, packaging designing, brand architecture, branding for SME’s and startups. We know this is a big responsibility. That is the reason to opt for a professional and experienced team like us to cater to these services. At Antraajaal, we work on making your business a brand and that too for a long term.

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