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Top 10 Careers in Graphic Design

Best Careers in graphic design: It is very true to say that a picture is worth a thousand words. The people who can relate most to this are definitely graphic designers. This is because their field is all about visual communication via various kinds of graphics such as infographics, animations, illustrations, etc. This is one of the most important professions in correlation with marketing in today’s business world. They help design the visuals for websites, brochures, magazines, as well as corporate reports.

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Careers in graphic design allow one to exercise the full extent of their imagination as well as technical abilities on a routine basis. This field has several kinds of jobs to choose from on the basis of what suits you most. Each of them involves a different set of skills. These range from multimedia design to flash animators, and each of these jobs is well paying. A graphic Design Career offers a ton of opportunities for growth and enrichment. If you are a student interested in the field, then here are some of the best options for jobs in graphic design:

1. Graphic Designer in Chandigarh

Graphics designers are professionals in charge of the role of developing graphics and layouts for the purpose of product illustrations, business logos, as well as website layouts. This role is one of the most important in online marketing. Without graphic designers, the visual appeal of products and websites is unachievable. They are also required to make changes to existing images, photos, and logos to refine them and enhance the visual appeal.

2. Website Designer

A website designer is not the same as a website developer. Website designers deal with the aesthetics of the website and its layout. This is required by various businesses to make their websites more appealing to their customers. Therefore, a career in Graphic Design pays handsomely all across the globe and is in high demand for people with adequate skills.

3. Flash Designer Career

Flash designers are mainly responsible for creating interactive content that can be used online for websites that wish to entertain audiences. This includes content like advertisements and games among many other interactive media formats such as animations. They are required to have a good knowledge of programming languages such as JavaScript, HTML5, XML, and CSS. They also require a mastery of Adobe’s animation software and fantastic art skills. This job pays a lot for enthusiasts who are properly skilled and are ready to make a career in Graphic Design.

4. Art Directors

Art directors are meant to meet clients and analyze the conversation to figure out their objectives, budget, background. Other information which can be used to approach them with the ideal presentation during business meetings. The art director helps the firm to match the presentation approach as per the personality of the client. They help bring concepts forward as well as coordinates activities.

5. Email Marketing Designers

Almost all companies use email as a powerful marketing tool that can be used for boosting their customer loyalty and conversion rates. The role of the email marketing designer is to design engaging emails and promotions for the organization. This requires some skills in HTML and CSS, along with an understanding of the principles of design, user interface, as well as be proficiently skilled at marketing.

6. User Interface Designer

Some readers may be confused about why UI designers are considered graphics designers and not program developers. The simple reason is that they design only the application UI and manage its aesthetic appeal along with the usability. They are therefore able to help users in accomplishing their goals with the program UI that makes all its functions easily accessible for the user. UI designers are specialists who work along with many other development professionals in a team. They aim to create the perfect combination of usability and aesthetics. Many UI designing positions require enthusiasts to be proficient in JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and Ajax.

7. Multimedia Artists

Multimedia artists are tasked with designing graphics and animations for the purpose of entertaining large audiences. They are not always required to script the story of the animation as several studios have onboard scriptwriters for that task. This job can, in fact, be one of the highest paying jobs a graphic designer gets depending on the company. For example, studios like Disney and DreamWorks animations pay their animators handsomely. However, you must have the skills to make careers in Graphic Design in these companies.

8. Commercial and Industrial Designers

Commercial and industrial designers are tasked to work with various industrial departments to establish and measure the value of existing and new design concepts for products that are to be manufactured. This is a commercial designer position that is required for both the aesthetic and functional design of products of a company. This position required designers to be proficient in their skills of Autodesk CAD designing and aesthetic testing along with color analysis.

9. Multimedia Designers Career

This is different from Multimedia Artists as they do not work with animation. Multimedia designers are in charge of managing the design and aesthetic appeal in films, television, etc. This includes but is not limited to color correction in movies.

10. Logo Designer

Logo Designers are probably designers with the most iconic role in today’s business environment. They are meant to use computer graphics to sketch and design a logo for businesses that represent the business to the customers and are attractive to newcomers as well. They also work with several other designers to design the logos of their companies and businesses.

Whichever kind of designing role suits you while finalizing one of the careers in Graphic Design, you must remember to work to develop your skills to their maximum limit if you wish to progress further in this field. This will not only lead to promotions and a higher pay scale. But also fame and acknowledgment in the designing and business world thereby making it one of the most rewarding roles in today’s market.

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