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Best Digital Marketing Strategies of 2020-2021

Latest Trends in Digital Marketing Strategies

Digital marketing is that area where we tend to manifold ourselves at great speed. Starting from using digital marketing strategies to help boost the companies’ goodwill to setting up and following the path of digital India. We have made it! So, what’s the first thought that comes to our mind when we talk about being digital, being unique! That what are the basic techniques that help us gain profit. Here are the top 5 digital marketing strategies for 2020-2021.

Best Digital Marketing Strategies of 2020-2021

1. Artificial intelligence will get a little too good for customers

  • If we talk about artificial intelligence then we have to understand the fact that AI proves to be perfect for customer profiles! It helps in retargeting, customer segmentation, push notification, etc.

2. Chatbots Digital Marketing Strategies

  • In the arena of social media fever-like Facebook, LinkedIn. Humans define themselves as social animals and nothing can beat their heart than a social networking site can! So to connect and interact with your customers you need to work upon chatbots.

3. Accelerated mobile pages (AMP) and PWA

  • Almost 60% of the traffic comes from mobile devices and when we talk about traffic, we must be clear about the fact that traffic also drives a higher bounce rate. So to reduce that accelerated mobile pages and PWA helps in decreasing the bounce rate for a particular website.

4. Email and marketing automation

  • Email and marketing automation proves to be the best technique when it comes to digital marketing strategies of 2019-20. It helps companies to grow!

5. Infographics and video

  • Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook are all about photographs and videos. The audience loves watching videos and sharing images. If you start adding videos and infographics to your social media pages then it will surely give you 80% of the traffic! And the second-best thing about this is, it is economical.

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