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How To Recover From Any Google Penalty?

When Google updates search algorithm to stay in high ranking website’s need to optimize their site according to the algorithm updates so there website does not get demoted. Ranking of a website depends upon the keywords if it’s not up to date to the Google’s search algorithm than it can inflict the website negatively. Today in this article, you are going to read all about on a topic Google Penalty and what are the consequences of it. So, without wasting any kind of time let’s read out the entire article.

There are people who review websites to see if it’s well optimized or not that means if the website is providing with the essential information or not. Mostly websites get Google Penalty because of some major reasons which can be stuffing of keywords in the content, website uses suspicious links in their websites that can be spam and may cause issues with user experience on the website.

A Google Penalty basically removes the site from the search list or the ranking is drastically decreased which will make it less visible to the targeted customer. This impact in ranking of your website will have huge negative impact on your revenue also because you won’t be reaching your target customer you will be invisible to them. To avoid these type of issues websites have to be optimized according to the latest Google search algorithms.

Why Websites Get Penalties?

Main use of Google is to provide users with the relevant information they are looking for. Some website try to manipulate the search optimization so that they can reach customers out of there specified targets therefore to control sites that are breaching Google’s algorithm are penalized they are either directly penalized or the site gets negatively inflicted and ranking is decreased from the list. Therefore Google updates the search algorithms so that it won’t get manipulated.


Different Types Of Penalties And There Fixation Points

There are many types of Google Penalty are there. For each penalty fixation, we have provided the best and effective solution. So without wasting any kind of time, let’s catch up all the Google Penalty.

Sneaky Mobile Redirects

Websites appear different in mobile than the desktop therefore to reach some pages users are redirected to a different page for the information but spam users redirects the users from website to an inappropriate page that is not visible to Google crawlers and does not provide right information to the user that is sneaky mobile redirects.

As long as users are being redirected to the quality page with the information that user needs it is valid but if a user is redirected to a page that is not reachable by Google crawlers then it is direct violation of Google guidelines and your website will receive Google Penalty.


  • Check if website is hacked or not.
  • Review all third party links or elements.
  • Make sure redirects are done under Google guidelines.

Google Cloaking Penalty

When a website shows a relevant and quality page to the Google but for the user it shows completely different and irrelevant page it violates Google guidelines and website will receive Google Penalty.


  • Rechecking pages.
  • Make sure Google and users both are reaching to same page.
  • Review and resolve if there’s a variation.

Google Hidden Text Penalty

In some cases some websites have hidden texts in the websites and if Google catches it your website will be guilty for keeping the text hidden and site will get Google Penalty. It can happen due to same coloring of the text with the webpage or it could be hidden behind any pictures on the webpage.


  • Correct the coloring of the texts.
  • Remove the hidden text.
  • Fix words that are being repeated.
  • Remove any unnecessary text from the webpage.

 Google Thin Content Penalty

If a website has thin content that means the information provided by the webpage is very shallow and are not fulfilling the requirements of the user. It can be copied data from another website or generated using random system which will not have quality content. If the webpage has low quality information it will affect negatively and website will get Google Penalty for that.


  • Do not use duplicate content.
  • Remove auto generated content.
  • Remove low quality and inappropriate contents.

 Google Pure Spam Penalty

When a website uses every kind of negative means that go against the guidelines of Google. When a website has duplicated data, lot of keyword stuffing and fake or cloaked images that violets the guidelines of Google.


  • Follow Google guidelines.
  • Shut It down and start over.

Google Spam Free Host Penalty

There are webpages that claim to provide you with free hosting but there is no such thing as free hosting every legal brand costs you for hosting the webpage. This kind of pages are filled with full of spam ads which does not impact your webpage positively. By displaying a negative content to the users, your website will get Google Penalty by showing the misleading content.


  • Make sure it is hosted by a legal hosting site.
  • Migrate to a brand hosting.

Google Adult Theme Content Penalty

Google prohibits adult-themed content. It has banned nudity and sexually exploited content.


  • Review and remove any remotely appearing content.

Google Dangerous Content Penalty

It is forbidden to publish anything harmful that may affect both people and animal. Make sure content like threatening to kill, drug abuse, hacking, violent events, theft etc. By this your website get Google Penalty.


  • Review and remove any dangerous and harmful content that violets the guidelines.

Google Manipulated Media Penalty

In social media sometimes media is manipulated to mislead people and divert them to negative paths. Fraud media is used to misguide the generations.


  • Review all the media in a website and remove manipulated media.

 Google Terrorist Content Penalty

Google makes sure that any kind of promotion of terrorism and extremist act is prohibited.


  • Keep update of the webpages and make sure this kind of content to be removed.

 Google Transparency Penalty

Any webpage providing information or news should be from a valid source


  • Review and all the policies should be met.
  • Dates of publication and publisher should be mentioned.

How To Recover From Any Google Penalty?


Components of Google Penalties

If a website receives Google Penalty then it will affect their website negatively that means it will hinder the ranking and visibility of your website in search results. Usually those sites which attempt to manipulate ranking those are the ones that will be penalized. Websites that are found guilty will either have low ranking or it won’t be visible anymore.

It will affect the customer reach and hence traffic will be lost, conversion rates will decrease and credibility will also be lost. Therefore it is important to know about the Google Penalty so that your SEO should be informed about it and they can avoid these issues.

 Can You Recover From Google Penalties?

There’s nothing to worry about even if you receive Google Penalty it is possible to recover your website. Google provides you with the insights about why your website got penalized so that you can take right steps to fix the issues related to your website.

It can be time consuming to correct the issues related to the Google Penalty. Therefore it is advised to contact an audit who knows well about the penalties and regulations of penalties. There is possibility that your user might be at risk because there could be more than one penalties. It is suggested to keep optimizing your website time to time.


After knowing about Google Penalty we know that it is crucial to avoid these penalties so that your website can stay in good rank and visible to the audience. We know if Google penalize your website it will cause a huge negative impact on your website that will make you lose your credibility. So steps should be taken to keep your website optimized with time to time.

Making sure that no steps have been taken that might appear as manipulation of the ranking in search list. It is mandatory to avoid third party contacts because these are the major cause of receiving penalties. Review your websites daily and remove the anomalies that are causing issues to your websites. Keep track of all the steps and keep your websites ranked in a good position without any penalties. To gain more fruitful information, then stay updated with –


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