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SEO is Dead, Truth or Myth

SEO is Dead – Ever since the coronavirus has started spreading in INDIA, digital marketing has become really important for many people, it can be in terms of small start-up goals, interacting with people on social media, social media as customer care, small or big businesses, etc. And if we go more in-depth with it, we will see that how clearly digital marketing is helping all of these, we will come to a conclusion that it is helping in numerous ways starting from affordability to expansion. 

SEO is Dead, Truth or Myth

And this is the reason that we all are choosing the most effective asset called digital marketing which allows your business to have an opportunity to grow in a very cost-effective manner. However, to give your business the right image among your customers and competitors, it essential for your website to be ranked. This is why we need SEO Services in Chandigarh to increase website visibility to be ranked better in every search engine.

But what exactly is SEO?

SEO is a new creative technique to rank the website on the first page of search engine to help increase traffic on websites. In India, it has been believed that it is important to develop SEO-friendly websites to attract more visitors and have the best ranking in order to be successful in the market full of competitors. 

But is it true that SEO is Dead?

No, it is not!

So many people rely on search engines such as Google to discover businesses before visiting them. And this number is only going to increase. This is the reason SEO can never die; in fact, It can prove to be the most effective marketing strategies. With a huge expanse of the user base, there is a higher chance of attracting interested customers

Though SEO is not going to be irrelevant in the near future; but it changes very quickly so it is important to keep up with the pace of such a dynamic and changeable environment. In other words, to keep your business appearing in these searches and have a noticeable presence. Every year it is said that SEO is dead but this can never be the case. 

For instance, if one gets rid of the obsolete keywords and continuously researches into new content, the rankings are likely to sustain and improve. Content creation is one of the most crucial parts of an SEO strategy. Another example could be methods of search – text search or voice search. Since voice assistants are used now, SEO will need to adapt to different phrases and keyword searches to better fit user behaviour.

In addition, constant monitoring of the posted content is required. If the traffic a particular post is generated not tracked; the businesses will never know if their content is targeting the right audience, using the right keywords, or writing in a way that appeals to their target audience. SEO is dead, what do you have to say in this?

Thus, the businesses need to build on this knowledge, learn the key elements for creating an effective SEO strategy, including how to select keywords and perform keyword research; consumer psychology, and search behavior; and how to conduct on-page SEO analysis to identify opportunities to improve a website’s search optimization and improve visibility. “SEO is dead” can never be the case. 

With the right strategies, once the ranking of the business kicks in on the search engines, there is no need to pay and the business will still get continuous traffic.

SEO can also be incorporated into social media marketing. Social media signals like likes/shares on Facebook, hit on Instagram, and tweets on Twitter are now becoming a major factor that affects search engine rankings; and there are so many users of social media.

A smart way to use SEO can beat the paid traffic and result in greater credibility of the business if the website of the business appears on the top.

SEO holds a very unique role in the lives of people who have opted for digitizing their business and this is the reason that it has great importance too!

The importance of SEO

1. Adopting an SEO service for the website will not only increase the website traffic in India but also increase the qualified traffic.

2. Through SEO Services in Chandigarh, one will have an excess of information, which may help you to understand where you are going by making you aware of how many people are visiting/leaving your website.

3. One can customize through SEO strategies, according to their goals and customer needs like setting the right audience that suits the products one sells on the website in India.

4. SEO in India helps the engines figure out what a particular page is all about and how it may be useful for users.

5. It also makes your website rank easily . 

6. SEO may also improve your site’s user experience and will help you create a sustained online buzz which may help you to promote your brand as well. SEO is dead is a false statement. 

7. SEO helps establish the authority of your site through various practices like getting backlinks from other reputable sites in your field, optimizing on-page content, identifying crawl errors and broken links, improving your site’s user experience, etc.

8. It also creates brand credibility and reliability.

9. Without being intrusive like tv ads, SEO in India helps to target a specific demographic by bringing quality traffic to the site.

10. The experts of SEO will also provide great insights. One can use the SEO strategy in India like user browsing which will help you and your brand to know keywords that are relevant to your business. So how can anyone say that SEO is dead.

11. SEO strategies are comparatively cheaper than other methods of digital marketing with a return on investment.

12. SEO in India shows the results the way you want for your brand very early. And it can give results that are beyond your expectations. This the reason that one should consider SEO as a long-term strategy that will benefit the business in a small amount of time.

13. SEO provides you a properly optimized google business profile which helps the brand to attract local people as well by playing the local SEO card right followed by targeting the people of different cities and even state.

With a lot of pros, SEO proves to be essential. We conclude that SEO is what people are opting for and it is here to stay, the statement “SEO is DEAD” is absolutely a myth!

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