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9 Advantages of Hiring Video Advertising Company in Chandigarh

9 Key Advantages of Video Advertising

Video Advertising Company in Chandigarh – Video advertising is still at the top of all advertising modes.

And while new marketers are still hanging in confusion over whether video ads are needed, you can move forward with the world with them.

If you are looking for reasons to consider a video ad campaign before discussing it with your video advertising agency in Chandigarh, here are some that may convince you:

#1. Customers are Watching More Video than Ever Before

Statistics have been coming in for a couple of years now, and they all show that consumers have been preferring video content over the written word for quite some time now.

Everyone, including your target audience and competitors, is using video content to power through the day, and you can massively expand your outreach with a well-designed video ad.

#2. Video Ads Translate into Sales

The biggest online marketplaces including Amazon and eBay have reported a massive increase in their sales from video advertising.

As for the numbers, you can consider the fact that approximately 700 videos are shared every minute by Twitter users alone.

When you consider other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, you can realize that the videos are everywhere and the main driving force of sales today.

#3. People Share Videos

You may have found a few video ads interesting and shared them with your friends for a good laugh.

Even your target audience does this as seen with Super Bowl ads.

Having an interesting ad can exponentially boost your outreach throughout the world in today’s age of going viral.

#4. Mobile Users Prefer Video Ads

The place where most consumers prefer to watch videos is on their bed using their phones or tablets.

While text and image ads are perfectly optimized for desktops, they tend to cut out on the average phone’s reading real estate.

This can annoy the user and make them less likely to be influenced by your ad.

On the other hand, a video ad may play before something they choose to watch or as mid-roll which makes it perfect for viewing on mobile as seen with the numbers.

88% of mobile users watch 30-second ads till the very end.

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5#. Great Format

There are just somethings which cannot be conveyed by using other means which is where the video ads come in.

These help businesses inform and educate their customers about products, and also help customers feel more informed than normal ads do.

This is even amplified when you turn your ad into a how-to-guide for the users.

#6. Search Engine Optimization

Google is always there to put its baby brother YouTube in the spotlight.

This is essentially a way to market your ads with organic searches since they can show up high in someone’s search results without the need to pay for the ad.

You can discuss more this with your video advertising company in Chandigarh.

#7. More Information in Less Time

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million.

With a video, you can showcase your product lineup without making the ad too long or bulky.

This ensures that it will keep the attention of your audience will the very end.

#8. Story

In today’s world people buy a brand more if they like its story.

A video ad is an ideal way to convey your brand’s stories online to ensure that you are able to make an emotional impact on your target consumers.

This also ensures that you will be able to maintain your brand image as per your vision.

#9. Analytical Reasons

All social media websites that allow the sharing of video content show just how well it performs online.

This is a prime factor in judging whether your content is doing well or not and what needs to be changed.

The numbers have also spoken that there is greater engagement on video content than image or text.

Hopefully, all these reasons are good enough reason for you to take the action now and stay ahead of the competition.

If you are looking for an excellent video advertising agency, Antraajaal has a ton of experience in the field and will help you get the outreach your brand needs.

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