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25 Mistakes To Avoid While Hiring A Branding Company In Chandigarh

Branding Company In Chandigarh

Branding is an important part of a successful business and it requires the same dedication as any other operation of a company. However, it is also the one which is most misunderstood which causes businesses to make a ton of mistakes in their branding. According to the Branding Company, Antraajaal this is despite having spent a ton of money and time on trying to get it right. Here are 25 of the most common branding mistakes made by organizations while hiring a branding company in Chandigarh. You can memorize this list to ensure that they aren’t repeated by your brand.


Skipping Professional Help: Hiring Freelancers or Cheap Solutions 

While DIY may be the motto of today’s startups, it isn’t one that you should apply to branding. Branding is a lot more than simply using logos and psychology and using professional help can get your branding game to the next level. Branding is expensive and we have discussed that it justifies the cost. Some companies hire freelancers since they are comparatively cheaper.

What is the result of cheap branding? Cheap Results. According to the Branding Company, Antraajaal if you respect your brand then hire the best branding company in Chandigarh. If you find cheap solutions then you regret after certain years and get rebranding done. It is better to build the image at the initial stages and make an impact. 

Lack of Consistency

Lack of Consistency

Having inconsistency is bad for anything, and it certainly applies to branding as well. Some businesses may not be consistent with their brand identity, their branding channels or even their collateral. There are various reasons for this. Sometimes, while launching the brand, the companies hire the Branding Company In Chandigarh. After the launch phase, they switch to the in-house team or hire freelancers. These people do not follow the guidelines set by the previous agency. Therefore the essence is lost. The solution here is to hire the best branding company in Chandigarh that charges less. You must stick to the same company to maintain consistency. 

Missing the Meaning of Branding

Missing the Meaning of Branding

This is common as well. Many businesses fail to know what branding really is and how to incorporate it into their business. It is much different from marketing and involves defining what your brand really is. You need to build an image of the brand. According to the Branding Company, Antraajaal people should see it as you want them to see. Here, let me give you an example. We did branding for a real estate company. The segment that they catered was economical. The price range was quite economical around 19 lacs for a 2 BHK Flat.

It was located a bit away from the city. You could say in a developing area. They insisted on giving a luxury look to the brand. We kept insisting that the perception would be quite different from the actual. By portraying a luxury brand, you will attract a high-income group. But when they will visit the project, it won’t be according to their taste. The better approach was to show it as an economical brand since that’s what it was. The conclusion is that you must leave certain decisions to the Branding Company In Chandigarh.

No Feedback Loop

No Feedback Loop

Having a feedback loop is important for recognizing where your brand’s strengths and weaknesses lie and further working on them. Your Branding Company can help you develop an ideal feedback loop while collaborating with the marketing team. Even Google has a team of people who work only on giving feedbacks. This way they improve their searches. Similarly, you need a critic.

A good branding agency works on this part as well. They guide you throughout the journey of your brand. Feedback serves as an eyeopener. Most American tech companies hire hackers to see if they have any loose end left. It gives them a sneak peep into their own system. They love to see their company from someone else’s point of view. You also hire a Branding Company to cover up what you cannot see. 

Prefer References 

You should ask your friends for references. Referrals work better than any other form of advertisement. The confidence factor is already high since they are aware of your work. If you are really good at your work, people will refer you without any hesitation. According to the Branding Company, Antraajaal your existing customer base already knows your brand and if you highlight your brand image in front of them, it can significantly work as word of mouth marketing. Ask your friends for the best agencies in your area. They will surely recommend some. 

Following Trends Too Much

Following Trends Too Much

Following trends a lot can significantly reduce your brand uniqueness and put you in the background with millions of other businesses. While you can follow some trends, just make sure to not overdo it. You have to stick to the brand guidelines. Do not get carried away by what others are doing. You must hire the right people and best Branding Company in Chandigarh so that you are sure of where they are taking your brand. Stick to the guidelines they mention in the brand manual. This way you will not be misguided. 

Not Having Personality

Not Having Personality

Branding involves developing the personality of your business as a brand. You need to define what your motivations are and how you wish to achieve them. Having a personality will also boost your social media marketing. The best Branding Company will develop the personality of your brand and you will be recognized by that. The perception, colors, identity and logo all contribute towards your brand building experience. A brand has a personality, what comes to your mind when you see the logo of Apple? LUXURY! Similarly all brands have an image. They can be luxury, economical, friendly, unaffordable, reachable, or even reliable. 

Trying To Please Everyone

Nobody likes people pleaser. Even in the case of businesses, you can’t please everyone. Instead, you need to choose and define your target audience and stick to it. I remember one story we did when we were in class 5th. According to the Branding Company, Antraajaal the moral of the story was: “one who tries to please everybody, pleases nobody.” The same fundamentals apply to brand. You have to target a segment which is your TG build a brand that pleases only that segment. Taking a practical approach, one of the biggest retail businesses own 2 clothing brands.

They have different logos and interiors for both of them. Most of the people are not even aware that the two brands are owned by the same parent company. One falls under the category of economical brand that caters to the middle class. While the other is a luxury brand that caters to the upper class. They could merge the stores and the expenses would go down. But they want to cater niche. Similarly, do not try to please all with your brand. 

Not Giving Deadlines

Not Giving Deadlines

Deadlines are extremely important in branding. This is because they give you an end to your current endeavor. While perfection may never be achieved, this will give you a brand image worthy of being launched. Creativity is endless and so are thoughts. You can go on improvising a single creative for months. Yet not achieving the desired results.

The Branding Company In Chandigarh take up many projects. They have limited manpower and so the work gets distributed among them. The work keeps piling up and they take months to create a single newspaper advertisement. You must be very clear while hiring the branding agency. Keep strict deadlines. Try to hire an agency that is not too busy to take up your work. 

Not Having an Attention-Grabbing Tagline

Not Having An Attention-Grabbing Tagline

Your brand will have only one shot to grab the attention of the customers. To help this, you must have the perfect tagline. This is again a job best left to your Branding Company In Chandigarh. The complete essence of the brand lies in its tagline. The tagline could also be the motto of your brand. It could also be the values or maybe the unique selling point. While getting the tagline finalized, ask the branding agency to provide 4 options. You can choose the best one that fits your company. The logo should carry the tagline well. The overall message should be clear. 

Not Knowing Where to Start

Not Knows From Where To Start

It can often happen that you don’t know where to start in the case of branding. To help with this, you can sit with your managers and discuss what your core is and explain it to your Branding Company. They will give you a plan of action. The best way is to start with the logo and tagline. Then to make the brand manual. Finally the in-shop branding. Accordingly, the advertisements can be designed. The website and social media pages should also carry the same message. It is always better to hire an agency that does both Branding and Digital Marketing. 

Lacking Consistency Across Channels

Some Branding Company In Chandigarh only dealing with branding and not advertising. Some agencies deal in branding and not digital marketing. You must look for company that does all. The communication across all platforms must be uniform. If you get the branding done from one agency and the ads are made by the other, there is always a difference in the thought process.

Try to get the advertisements made from the same branding agency and get it released from the agency of your choice. Similarly, most branding agencies in Chandigarh do not have the facility for digital marketing. They hand over the website and social media handles to some third party. This again leads to mismatch. Antraajaal, located in sector 8 Madhya Marg offers Branding, Digital Marketing and Advertising, and all other related services under one roof to the potential clients. 

Agencies That Fail to Upgrade

Agencies That Fail To Upgrade

I come across so many Branding Company In Chandigarh who never wanted to upgrade. They are satisfied with whatever little they are left with. Digital is the future. Branding and digital marketing go hand in hand. As explained above, if you hire separate agencies for branding and digital marketing, there has to be inconsistency. Consistency is the key to success. You need agencies that are upscale and updated. The best companies move with trends. They adapt themselves to the changing world. You must hire the agencies that are keeping pace with the trends. 

Hire Smart Fellows

Hire Smart Fellows

According to the Branding Company, Antraajaal we need to work hard and work smart. If a company acts smart but does not want to work then the approach is wrong. Let’s say the other company works very hard but is not smart enough. Then also you won’t go for it for long. So hire someone who is smart and hard-working too. Such branding companies hire a smart talented workforce. The processes they have are quick and updated. The communication is clear. They know their work well and are ready to go an extra mile. 

Agencies That Go An Extra Mile Should Be Preferred 

You need an extended family. You must hire a branding agency in Chandigarh that is ready to work as a dedicated employee. The agency should keep the sole point of contact. Whenever in need, you call without any hesitation. Certain companies take up the project and you can only communicate with them through the mail. Sometimes it becomes very difficult. You need a branding agency that goes an extra mile and assures a solution. 

Easy to contact

Easy To Contact 

This point is just an extension of the above-given point. You should be able to reach the branding agency to explain them your requirement. Certain agencies do not pick up the phones when required. They may take hours to check your message. If they are so busy with their existing tasks then they do not deserve additional work. After all you are paying them and they are liable to answer. 

Branding Company in Chandigarh that Works Like Family

Branding Company In Chandigarh That Works Like Family

Branding, Advertising and Marketing go hand in hand. Since the marketing team is inhouse, they might require the help of the branding team quite often. According to the Branding Company, Antraajaal the branding team should consider it as a privilege and extend a helping hand. They may also be required to design certain stuff according to the marketing team. This work is a part of the package and must be taken on priority. Marketing and Branding are inter-related and so must be their team!

Hire Branding Agency that is Strong in Content

Hire Branding Agency That Is Strong In Content

Most Branding Company In Chandigarh hires freelancers to write brochures and other stuff. Since the freelancers work for other companies as well, your data is not safe. You might come across the same poem used in your brochure somewhere else. Most freelancers are not paid according to the input and therefore the quality is poor. The visuals sometimes do not match with the content since the team is not working together. 

Poor Choice of Visuals

You must not compromise with the visuals at any cost. Although Branding is a bouquet of elements and nothing can be compromised. The content, visuals and image have to be perfect. You must take time and explore for companies that have an excellent choice of visuals. They must follow trends and the latest updates. The design should be consistent. The brand should be seen as you want people to see it. So let’s pick the best of Branding Company for our brand as well. 

Check Google Reviews

Before finalizing the branding agency, you must check their Google reviews. Antraajaal has approx 100+ reviews and all are 5 stars. You can also read what their clients say. They have among the highest reviews among Branding Company In Chandigarh. Rating, reviews and feedbacks are a real eye-opener. The ratings can also be checked on the basis of services, pricing, location and quality. You can select on the basis of the above parameters. 

Do Not Compromise 

You are investing in this brand so that it can give you a return. If you compromise on branding then the results may not be as desired. Here compromise does not mean hiring the most expensive branding agency. You just need to work smart and look at the above points. If you get an agency complying with the requirements then need not think twice: Go for it!

Prefer Local Agencies

Branding agencies that are located in Chandigarh know the pulse of the town. They can understand your location and customers well. The brand image can be built accordingly. Agencies that are located in Chandigarh will also be available for regular meetings. The marketing team can have frequent discussions. This solves major problems of miscommunications. Although the whole globe is just a click away and even I have clients across the world. My local clients remain my favourite (Please excuse me for saying this). 

Communication is Always a Two Way Process

Communication Is Always A Two Way Process

One way communication is never complete. There are two variables of this coin. One is, the agency says and you have to abide with them. You cannot put your opinion and therefore you are never satisfied. It is Your Brand and you have the authority to advise. The other factor is that the branding agency is dumb. They do whatever you say without any if and but. In this case, why did you hire them at all? You could do away with an in-house person. It has to be a balance of both. 

Do not Hire Copy Cats

Do Not Hire Copy Cats

Google is free for all to view. But to copy someone’s work is a crime. In India, people are habitual to copy. It does not work for long. The brand owners come to know someday or the other. It is always better to pay a little more and get original work done. According to the Branding Company, Antraajaal there might be people who are asking half the price for a logo but that is simply a two minutes task. So even asking for that price is not worth it. On the other hand, the other company which is asking double the amount will research and make an original Logo. Whom would you prefer?

Do not negotiate

Do Not Negotiate

Remember, it is your brand. Will you ever negotiate while selecting the school for your child? Since you know that your child deserves the best. You also know that negotiating will result in a compromise on quality. Then why do you do that for your brand? The brand can get all the returns on what you have invested so please do not compromise. 


Hire the best Branding Company In Chandigarh and keep in mind your budget. The price charged should justify the value given in return. 

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