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Challenges of Running a Digital Marketing and Branding Agency in Chandigarh

Disclaimer: Not to be taken personally. These are actual problems faced by Digital Marketing and Branding Agency In Chandigarh.

I have been running a Digital Marketing agency and I keep meeting people of the same industry. We all have the same challenges. So we all decided to list our difficulties. But I am the first one to have the guts and publish it. Some clients become stepping-stones while others become a lesson for life. Chandigarh has seen a tremendous growth in the number of Digital Marketing and branding agencies. There is a mushroom growth but I feel it’s seasonal. They are at a point of saturation. They basically do not have any roadmap. From here to where?

Companies catering international clients are happier as compared to Chandigarh market. They pay better and the instructions are quite clear. The clients actually know what they want.

Challenges of Running a Digital Marketing and Branding Agency in Chandigarh

Digital Marketing and Branding Agency in Chandigarh: Challenge Accepted

Advertising Agencies that Turned into Digital Marketing and Branding Agency in Chandigarh


Looks fascinating. People who were running ad agencies started offering digital marketing. For them, it is all about putting a post on social media. When they can make creative for newspapers then why not for social media. Some of them provide with 3 posts a day. Maybe they are not aware of the parameters but then even the client is not aware. (lol) laugh out loud.

So better not annoy these agencies and let them do whatever they are good at and even whatever that is not too good. Digital Marketing has to be learned and implemented. No doubt that it is an art and depends on the creativity of the person but at the same time it is a science that has some rules.

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Freelancers Who Come For Free

The rising competition has made the task difficult. Especially the freelancers, who have no setup cost, they simply take up projects at nominal rates. Catering to multiple clients, they make a kitty out of it. The charges are nominal but the quality is poor. They have a short-term goal. According to the Digital Marketing Company Antraajaal, These freelancers earn a pocket money to meet their college expenses. They don’t want any long-term relationship. The purpose is met even if they get one month’s work.

In-House Team

The next challenge is an in-house team. No doubt that there is no dearth of good employees if you are ready to pay. There are certain challenges too. The first is the monetary part. You need to hire a graphic designer, a SEO personnel and a web developer. Above them should be a supervisor who is of a Digital Marketing background and must have a good taste as well.

It might cost you a lakh of rupees and still without any expertise. An expert team can cost you around 2 lakh per month. The monitoring part still remains a challenge. You need a dedicated person to monitor the campaigns and creative. This brings us to square one that why not hire a team of best Digital Marketing Company In Chandigarh and Branding Company In Chandigarh.


Client Winning

A digital marketing agency in Chandigarh faces a lot of challenges when it comes to winning a client. If you approach the client and even convince him, there are multiple directors and stakeholders to close the matter. The whole process might take months and suddenly one day, when least expected, you might get a call from them. You were not even aware that the deal is still open. It’s a pleasant surprise anyway.

Client Retention

According to the Digital Marketing Company Antraajaal, sometimes the client himself is not clear. His demands change every day. Once the payment is done, the results should start showing the very next day. The client has options and therefore he feels that he should try everyone to choose the best. The phone will ring 20 times a day and you might face the consequences even if you missed one.

Old Methodology

The clients may spend lacs in newspaper ads and another lacs on the radio. You really need to convince him that Digital Marketing may start from even a thousand rupees and give results.


Dare Ask For A Price Increase

Usually, the work is on a yearly retainer ship. After a year, you can face a lot of trauma and sleepless nights. You ask for a hike and face the consequences. You are already under a lot of pressure. The salaries and bills are a recurring expense. But this is your problem, not theirs. You cannot expect the client to step into your shoes and understand. Even the cost of cookies has increased but you dare not ask a hike.

According to the Digital Marketing Company Antraajaal, you have already done a great job by working for the same client for a year. So be prepared, ask for more money and they will look for an alternative. Kudos to agency owners that they don’t leave these clients. This impacts their cash flow. Somehow they satisfy themselves saying that it is one of our oldest clients and we are just maintaining a relationship.

Impress The Boss

You went and had a word with the director. He was perfectly fine with the ideas. Now, once you start the work, the manager keeps poking. It’s his duty but he may go beyond certain limits. When trying to find the reason you get to know that he is on good terms with some other agency.

Hey, that seems to be a good idea. You ask to double the money since the manager is by your side. He will convince the director so your work is half done. Then you can even payback since he got the deal done. Once you deliver things on time, the quality is at par and the manager is by your side, everything falls into place. If the manager is comfortable, he stops finding loopholes.


Keeping Updated

I invest around a lac of rupees per annum to keep myself updated. Half of my competitors get washed away since they do not believe that things become obsolete. Some are too aged to do that and others feel that it’s an expense. Although we have to include these costs in our budget, but its important.

Overnight Results

A big message to all the clients, we are not magicians to get you likes, comments and shares overnight. When the pressure is so high, the agency falls into foul practices. I personally know an agency that does this false likes and comments business. Honestly, he is doing better than me. Does blowing your own trumpet help?

Unrealistic Expectations

A client of mine asked me very cutely, “If I can’t see my ad, what’s the point spending money”. Before giving the work he told me that the ad was for his client. Anyways, it happens only in India. It is actually not a joke when a client may call and ask to fix a meeting even at 9 a.m on a sunday.

Value For Time

Please do not take us for granted. We know we are superheroes but still, a bit of humanity is still alive within. You called me at 10.30 and you are still not in the office. Do you call this professionalism? How about the other way round. Even if I am a minute late and they are gone. Otherwise, I have to listen to the sarcastic comments throughout the meeting.


Request For Personal Work

The heading is requested but it is actually an order. The clients take you for granted. “We have requested for the birthday invitation for our daughter”. “What about the wedding card of the director’s brother in law”? What if we start putting a fee for this favor? We decided to say a BIG NO to all the personal work and take the blame for being snobbish.

Payment Issues

The biggest issue for Digital Marketing And Branding Agency In Chandigarh is the payment. I had signed a yearly contract with a real estate company. We were doing quite well and suddenly I got a call that they no longer wish to continue for the same. I was taken aback. After inquiring I got to know that they were not in a very good financial condition. I tried to explain my condition that I have employees and you are a fuel for my company.

After we signed the yearly contract, I had hired more employees so that I can pace up the work. Now how do I make payments for them? If they had given me a notice period, I would have fetched some more business. They simply turned a deaf ear to it. This thought makes me really sad. You give your 100% and slog day and night so that your client is satisfied. They do not take a minute to take a decision and that too without any reason. Can you throw out an employee without any notice period or without any mistake? If your answer is yes, then please think again.

Date of Start of Work

This is tricky! According to me, the date of start of work should be the date the payment has been made. Here in Chandigarh, there is no fixed rule. The payment might come after a month as well. So, keep waiting and calling for follow up’s. a big NO to work without advance.

Usage of Cards

God knows, why don’t these clients link their cards to the accounts. There is always some issue with their credit cards. Sometimes the budget is in lacs and our service charges are only a few thousands but we need to spend the entire amount from our pocket. Using your own card will bring in a lot of transparency and make things easier for us, Digital Marketing agencies in Chandigarh.


Lack of Manpower

As a digital marketer, I know that you need to update yourself on a regular basis. I spend around a lac of rupees per annum to keep myself updated. If you talk about the people you hire, some are outdated and did their course long back in 2010 and never got the time to update.

The others are fresher’s and have just done their course from a leading Digital Marketing institute in Chandigarh. There are freelancing websites that absorb the talent. People who are confident in their respective fields prefer to work independently. I had a word with the trainers and they said, the next ten years would be smoother in case of employees since more and more people are opting Digital Marketing.


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